The largest of a number of trees cut to clear the area for the barn

The selected area just west of the cabin. Started cutting trees, and brush. Used the Kubota with the front loader to clear most of the ground, a bit like a bull dozer, pushing the smaller trees and brush out of the area.

hickory tree to be cut up
76 feet of hickory tree

The largest of the trees was this hickory tree, actually two trees from a single stump. The one shown was 76 feet tall. Much of the wood was donated to a local restaurant that features smoked meat.



Large section from bottom of the Hickory
Large section from bottom of the Hickory

A section of the hickory stump where the two trees grew out of. Just under 40 inches at the widest diameter.

Stump grinding
Stump grinding


Professional stump grinding was hired to finish the tree clearing for the barn.

All Clear
All clear waiting on rest of stumps to be ground out.




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