Cold weather has followed the heavy rain fall of the week between Christmas and New Years.  Mostly when it gets cold like this we just stay indoors and relax.  It won’t stay that way for a long 2520

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Online weather app indicates the temp for the area.

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Thermometer on deck shows it too.

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All the rain filled up the reservoirs on the White River.  Beaver lake filled and flowed into Table Rock lake, which then flowed into Taneycomo and finally flowed into Bull Shoals Lake.

While the water level did not reach capacity, the lake level was quite high.  The Corps of Engineers decided it time to release water into the White River to get the level down before

Spring rains.  The flood gates were opened, making for a rarely seen event – water over the spillway.

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Water flows down the spillway

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High lake level as seen from our home.  Winter affords a view of the lake we generally don’t see in the summer.


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Water seeps out of the rocks and freezes into interesting displays of icicles

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View of Bull Shoals tailwaters as the water is released into the White River – famous for trout fishing.

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