The Fruit Trees Still Growing

Cherry Tree

The trees look pretty good. There is evidence of critters eating the leaves – caterpillars specifically.

Cherry Tree
Cherry Tree

The cherry tree on the south west corner of the prayer garden area is doing pretty well. It is substantially taller than the other tree and now stands a little over six feet tall.

Below, is the cherry tree on the east side of the prayer garden. While doing well, it is not growing as fast as the one above. Since they are different types of cherry trees, they well might grow at different rates. I’ve also noticed that this one is getting less full sunlight than the one above.

Cherry Tree
Cherry tree on east side


The caterpillars have been feasting on both the cherry trees and the apple trees. A good dusting with Sevin dust seemed to have caused them to lose their appetite for these trees.

Hungry Hungry Caterpillars


The apple trees are doing well. One, the second from the east end, is now tall enough to think about trimming to grow on the fence wires. The apple trees are all dwarf varieties.

Apple tree now at the top wire on the fence.


The blue spruce tree was crushed a year ago, either by a falling tree limb or an animal. No evidence to support either so not sure of the cause. It continues to grow however.

Blue Spruce

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