New Fruit Trees

Planted some new fruit trees this week.

  • 2 Moonglow Pears
    Big, bold, blushed fruit. This beautiful, Bartlett-type pear is soft and juicy but never mushy. The tree is blight-resistant and will bear fruit for years. A strong pollinator for other pear varieties. Ripens in mid August.
  • O Henry Peach
    large fruit with red-blushed yellow skin; yellow flesh is streaked red and has fine flavor; freestone. Midseason harvest.
  • Babcock White Peach
    Considered the best all-around white peach, the Babcock is an excellent selection for the lower south due to its low chill requirements of 350-400 hours. The fruit is of medium size with very sweet, white flesh that ripens in early July.
  • Purple Plum
    Plums are a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin A. The trees are relatively small, compared to other fruit trees, and are consequently a good selection for smaller yards or home orchards. The fruits may also be dried, to make prunes.
  • Goldmine Nectarine
    The Goldmine Nectarine Tree is the favorite nectarine for home use. The fruit is large and has white skin with red blush. The flesh is also white and of excellent flavor.
  • DSCN2848


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