New Chicken Cam

We have been using a dlink 930 webcam to monitor our chickens and brooder. From various times we have looked in on the chicken run, checked out the roosting order in the hen house, and even kept an eye on the hens as they started laying eggs. Currently we are watching the new chicks in the brooder.

You can check in and view the chicken cam here.  Connections are limited, so if it fails, try another time when there are fewer users.






We ordered this item on Amazon.

We are looking to upgrade the chicken cam so hoping to get a new Foscam R2.  In addition to the higher resolution, it offers zoom, pan and tilt so the view can be remotely controlled.  While not important on the brooder for now, later as the chickens go to roost, the night vision via infra red lights and sensors will enable a view that we currently don’t  have.  Thinking predator monitoring as well here.

Foxes, raccoons and opossums have all been impacting the flock population.  Fox losses have been daylight hours, but all the predators here are night time prowlers, and being able to see them in the dark will give us some advantage.

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