Rooster Time Out

Rooster Time Out

Hunter is currently the top of the pecking order for the roosters.  He thinks he is top of the pecking order for everything and everyone else too.

Recently, he has been attempting to sneak up behind me, and either challenge or attack me.  Most of the time he just gets close, flaps his wings.  This time however, he made physical contact and while not a particularly hard hit, it was a hit and it was with his feet.

As I turned around, it was clear he wanted to challenge and the stare down began.  He quickly thought better of it and left.  Rethinking it however, he momentarily came back for another look.

It was then he discovered the fish net and how quickly he was to be caught in the net. Surely, he was embarrassed as well as fit to be tied as he tried desperately to get out of that contraption.  To no avail.  In moments he was cradled in my arms, feet in the air, tail hanging and belly up.  No place for a rooster.

Hunter was accused.  The charges of attempting to flog the farmer were pronounced.

Hunter remained silent and still.  There was no denying the charge just as there was no denying his actions.

Guilty as Charged!

It was only a few moments before the verdict was announced, “Guilty as charged”.

Hunter attempted to stand up for the announcement, but found he was still restrained and cradled in the arm of the farmer.  Nothing to do but wait. Seriously?  Do the hens all need to see this?  And those pesky Geese too? Yes, and the other roosters as well.

Two Hours in Rooster  Time Out! 

So Hunter served his time out in the cage, and the cage in the chicken coop for all the hens, roosters, and geese to come have a look see.

It has been several days now since his time out, and his behavior is much improved. Clearly he thinks Rooster Time Out is so much better than Swimming with Dumplings.


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