Garden Goats – aka White Tail Deer

The deer around here are rather plentiful. And hungry. Seems they like to get into just about anything you could plant, and make sure to eat quickly, the best parts if not the whole thing.

A couple years ago, I planted two mimosa trees. We bought them and grew them in pots for a year or two before thinking they were appropriately sized to put in the ground. I spent much of the afternoon digging holes, mixing in some good garden potting soil with the ground, and transplanting the trees. Mulched around them, encircled with rocks for good looks. Only needed to put some fencing around to keep the deer out.

But it was dark, I was tired, and the fence was still in the barn, so I’d put the fence up the next morning. It was a beautiful night, full moon, and calm clear skies.

Next morning, nothing left of the mimosa trees but the trunks. Leaves, stems – all eaten alive. The trees could not recover.


So it was no surprise to see the deer in the front yard, again. There were nine all together. I was able to get as many as 7 in one photo, but most of the time they were spread out enough that they were not all in the camera view. I do enjoy seeing and watching the wild life around here. And I do open the door and talk to them when they start getting close to eating something I’d rather they left alone. The deer, or Garden Goats as I like to call them since they are like goats in a garden eating everything are not particularly startled by my talking at them anymore, but they do make their way back to the cover of the woods and let me enjoy my plants for another day.