Fishing with Michael

Did some fishing with Michael.

We fished Crooked Creek near Kelly’s Slab in Yellville, Arkansas.  Some changes have been made, last time I was here, the slab could be driven across and the water was passed through several large culverts.  High water would flow over the roadway.  Now, that is all gone.  Our luck with fishing it seems to have gone as well.

Kelly's Slab - Crooked Creek, Yellville, Arkansas
Kelly's Slab - Crooked Creek, Yellville, Arkansas


We next tried White Hole Access on the White River, near Fairview, Arkansas.  Heard the trout were hitting well on corn, so we decided to give that a try.  Met a fellow who had a fish on the line as we pulled up.  He said he and a friend had caught about 126 over the past few days.  Michael and I had high hopes. But again, no catches.  The Great Blue Herons in the area would catch one.  Seemed they would laugh at us with each catch they made.

White Hole Access on the White River
White Hole Access on the White River, Fairview, Arkansas

A bit later we had some success.  Fishing in Norfork Lake just north of Mountain Home, Arkansas we caught some bream which we used for cutbait for the trotline.  Also did catch serveral nice sized crappie ranging from about 9 inches to 14 inches.  Several were under the 10 inch minimum, so had to throw those back.  The bream ranged up to about 8 or 9 inches and many were large enough to filet for dinner.

Uncle Roy and Michael
Uncle Roy and Michael return from baiting the trotline

With some of the bream used as cutbait, my Uncle Roy and Michael tended to baiting the trot line.  Meanwhile I kept working on catching some more bream and caught enough to do another round with the trot line the next day.

Two large catfish - of the three caught.

So we did well with the catfish catching.  Three fish the first round. The largest shown by Michael and my Uncle Roy holding the next larger fish.  Two were blue cats the other was a channel cat.  Very tasty!