Country Wine

Making Country Wine

It turns out, making wine at home is not nearly as complicated as many home brewers would have you believe.    The materials and process, as outlined below in the video explain it quite well.

We gave this a try with fresh plums, also as shown in the video, since we really like the after dinner plum wine offered at one of the oriental steak houses we have been known to visit.

Much to our delight, the flavor of our first attempt matched the results we were hoping for.  Very tasty!

This item is required.

This yellow packet yeast is required.

Not required, but very handy once fermentation is done.

Recommended.  I used bleach and rinsed really good.

Plum wine shortly after fermentation has started.

A simple kit to get started with. This kit does not include any yeast. I recommend the yellow packet yeast for fruit wines.

Pear wine after fermentation has completed, wine is ready to be racked to clear.

A more deluxe kit to get started with.  I’d recommend the yellow packet yeast be ordered in addition to this for fruit wines.

Liz Zorab at Byther Farm on YouTube put out this video on how to make plum wine. This is the process I follow.  Have a watch, give her a thumbs up.