Instant Pot

We’ve been hearing of this for quite a while, and then on a youtube video, saw where this thing makes for easy peeling FRESH hard boiled eggs.  Older eggs are generally easier to peel, but with freshly laid eggs coming in daily, we have been looking for a way to easy peel boiled eggs that were fresh.

Prime day comes along and the instant pot was one of the deals being offered.  I tried to purchase, but the Amazon site was responding with a cartoon dog, something was wrong.  After half an hour or so, it came up again, and I attempted to add it to the cart.  No success.  Some time later, it says the item was sold out.  The news explained Amazon servers had crashed under the heavy shopping load. Ugh.

Later in the day, another model was offered with substantial savings being offered.  This time we had success. We ordered the Instant Pot Ultra 80.  Originally we tried the Duo 60.  The item we ended up getting was actually our preferred model, so it worked out pretty well.

Shipping was on time and arrived on the promised day.  It was late in the day rather than the mid afternoon that the UPS truck usually arrives, but not a big deal.  The UPS driver said he had a lot more packages to deliver than normally, but the main reason was he had a flat tire on his truck while it was being loaded, and had to wait for the maintenance guys to get that repaired, so he was late getting out on his route.

So we put it to the test.

Loaded it with about 2 dozen eggs and some water for the steam, set the unit to eggs and hit the start button.

It took about 10 minutes to heat the water enough to build some steam pressure, then it switched to pressure cook for the preprogrammed 5 minutes, and it switched off.

I released the pressure, put the eggs in cold tap water and began peeling as soon as the eggs were cool enough to handle.  The entire process beginning with adding the eggs to putting the peeled eggs in the refridgerator took about 30 minutes.  The easiest peeling eggs I have ever peeled!

Not sure about how any of the other features will be, but for eggs it gets the top rating from us.