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Monday 25 June 2018
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So Homestead might be a strong word for what amounts to Country Living in North Arkansas.

But it seems to fit our notion of a lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of heavy traffic of the big city.

While we have been clearing and working on our place over ten years, mostly it has been a week or two a couple times a year as we have been able to squeeze in a bit of time and money for the project. June of 2015 our city home of two decades was sold and a day later we pulled in with the trucks loaded with everything else we hadn’t already brought in.

The remaining part of 2015 was getting the additional land cleared we needed to do for getting our new home in place, trenches for water, electric, phone lines, septic lines, septic tank, d-box, drainfield lines etc. There were periods of rain that just slowed things down by weeks at a time, then hot humid heat with high heat index warnings, and a few storms blowing into and out of the area. As with any outdoor projects, weather is a factor, and while you can accept that it will impact they when and why you do things, it can still be a bit on the frustrating side for how long it ends up taking to accomplish something that in our minds should only take half that time or less. And then too, we aren’t as young as we used to be. Prayers and the Lord’s blessings kept us on track for where we needed to be.

It all has come together. We have electric power where we need it, water well, water lines, phone and internet service, and even propane for the cabin. OFF – GRID is not what we are trying to do for sure. But in time to come, certainly having some preparations for off grid survival mode living is in the picture.

Getting finishing touches on the home, like the front deck, is still in the forefront of projects to come. A storm shelter/fruit cellar is also in the works. At least part of the hole is excavated for it, with more to come on that project. It would be nice to have that well underway before spring storm season heads our way once again. This will be mostly underground, about a fourth of it above ground, but with ground cover on it.

Next is the garden. We have already started tilling out an area for that. Plans are for a mostly raised wicking bed garden area, but until we get enough soil built up to fill them, we will work the ground as best we can. Fighting rocks and critters will be a constant issue.

Also spring 2016 is plans for the first batch of chickens, egg layers likely where we start. Maybe about 8 or 10 for the first flock. Maybe guinea hens and or roosters next year with an eye for insect control and predator alerts. Free ranging birds might do better with warning of predators, and roosters and guinea hens seem to be pretty good protectors.

More projects to come. Enjoy a view into some of the things we are up to. Most things are here on our nearly 30 acres or on the family’s 30 acres that adjoin us. On occassion you may see things we are up to off our property, such as at an Uncle’s home making sorgham molasses, or grinding cornmeal. Just never know what we might be doing. Come and ride along with our journey. Feel free to chime in with any questions, or any guidance and suggestions you might have that could help make this a better project.